Goodbye Mr Kettle

You probably will not believe me, but there are organisations in Gauteng who still use a kettle to make their coffees. That is the equivalent of having an old, bulky, tube tv set in your trendy loft apartment.

The biggest disadvantage of using a kettle in the workplace is “lack of control”. Control over productivity and control over consumables are major grievances for management. I have heard numerous customers complain that their office of 50 is going through 175l of milk per week. That is ridiculous! It can be prevented by having an automatic instant coffee machine installed.

Machines, such as our Terra Nerva Instant Coffee Machine, are the ideal cost saver for facilities managers.   This machine uses freeze dried milk instead of fresh milk – at a fraction of the cost. It can also prepare 5 cappuccinos per minute, so there will be no more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. All of Vending Solutions’ coffee machines can be rented, or purchased.

Contact a Vending Solutions representative to assist you in a tailor-made solution that will increase the quality of your office coffee and allow control over consumable usage.

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