Hospitality Sector

Keeping consumers happy in the hotel industry is crucial. This requires understanding their needs and utilising technology to accommodate them.

Understanding customer needs

Site Design

Expanding the reach of sales areas by utilising the lobby space effectively while enhancing guest experience through intuitive and compelling site design should be a major priority for any successful business.

Food & Beverage Options

Hotels should offer guests various dining options like bars, fine dining, and retail stores. Instead of room service, hotels are transitioning to self-service food options. However, guests often struggle to find quick and fresh food options that are locally sourced and prepared.

Self-service Technology

With the help of technological advancements, guests are now able to easily bypass the traditional check-in process. Not only does this result in a shorter wait time and less frustration, it also leads to reduced labor costs for hotel owners and operators.

Spaza Mini Market

Spaza Mini Market is an unmanned fresh food concept that offers 24/7 healthy and fresh food, snack and beverage options. It’s convenient ‘grab-and-go’ style brings ease of access to customers and is operated using smart technology. It is scalable, ranging from extra-small to extra-large catering options for fully-booked hotels.

Better than a Minibar

A 24/7 self-service bar is better than a regular retail service. Customers are happier when they can easily access snacks. Putting the self-service machine in a public lobby attracts more people. Our self-service options offer catering anytime for anyone.

Driven by Data

Data is important for businesses today. Our self-service machines track purchases to optimize restocking with minimal waste.

Improved Breakfast Services

Hotels must provide impeccable services and offer more breakfast options. Breakfast is crucial and the last impression guests have before leaving. Our breakfast solutions provide a warm and lasting memory.

Guests are 87% More Likely To Book A Hotel That Only Charges For The Amenities They Use.

Coffee Culture and Hospitality

As work gets tougher, coffee isn’t just a treat – it’s essential. More people care about coffee, so better and diverse options are key. For a great guest experience, hotels must up their coffee game.


Guests first experience the hotel lobby during check-in. ICC (2019) suggests that coffee is the scent that most relates to luxury. Coffee corners improve the customer experience with customizable, high-quality coffee and self-service stands.


We offer top-notch coffee brands. We consider various factors when selecting the best brands from around the world. Our beans come from responsible and independent farmers approved by leading certification labels. Moreover, we use innovative environmental engineering to create sustainable packaging, ensuring care for both customers and the planet.

We Supply Top Brands

Great taste. Top quality. Decades of tradition. We’re regularly scouting the bursting South African market for exciting brands to bring happiness and satisfaction to your workplace.

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