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• Invest in Vending •

Invest in Vending

We consult with our clients individually, ensuring that the client’s needs, aspirations and values are met. We do this by ascertaining your needs and making you aware of all your options.

We are in a unique position to provide a tailored solution around your financial needs. For a no-obligation consultation, please contact us to set up a consult and/or telephonic interview.

A Good Investment

We will show you how to set up and run your own independent vending services to businesses in your own area, and advise you how and when to expand and what equipment you’ll need for individual sites to obtain the highest returns from these sites. When you consider the return on investment on other products such as Bank fixed deposit (6%) and the Stock Market (± 20%), The Return On Investment of ± 40% per annum can be achieved on cash purchase of a machine is highly favourable. 

>> Should finance be required, we can liaise with any finance company of your choice.

The objective of this business is...

To provide a complete solution to run your own highly profitable business from a small capital outlay, by eliminating unnecessary costs like franchise fees, area licenses, etc. You will be providing a unique vending service to companies, offices and factories in your area by supplying low cost, quality vending machines stocked with brand name snack products such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Simba and Cadbury. Even once your business is running, we will provide on-going help and advice without imposing restrictions, leaving you free to expand and develop at your own pace.

Your Customers...

Will be factories, offices, hospitals, schools or any working environment that will benefit from having a snack/can vending machine on their premises. Many businesses value the opportunity to have snack vending machines on their premises as this often reduces the amount of absenteeism whilst employees wander to the snack shop or canteen during working hours. This yields more productivity to the company and is often described as an “invisible” asset. Few businesses of suitable size object to vending machines being sited on their premises.

Your Role in Your Business...

It’s your business, take charge and responsibility from day one. As a small business owner you must be the principal strategist and planner. To understand the new business, as well as the necessary resources and strategies, it makes sense to start with a business plan . Expect to revisit you plan and strategy and adapt it as needed.

As the owner, your duties are as diverse as collecting your revenue, creating a stock sheets, setting up a filing system, marketing and minor technical repair. You might be very good at what you do to make a product or provide a service, but running a small business brings a whole range of other responsibilities.

Is to offer and provide a snack or drinks vending service on a company’s premises in and around your area (it should be noted that we do not have any restrictions on where you operate the machines, but it does make practical business sense to have machines sited within easy travelling distance). You will be required to stock and cash these machines on a regular basis. All proceeds from the takings of these machines are yours.


Our Role in Your Business…

Is solely to supply you with the equipment, at trade prices, and give you all the advice necessary to operate your business successfully. Vending Solutions only profit from the sale of its machines. It is in our interests to give you all the advice and knowledge to help your business succeed, as your success contributes to our success. We will even find sites for you, so all you have to do is install the machine, keep it stocked and collect the cash. Should a machine not perform adequately within three months of being sited Vending Solutions will assist you with finding a secondary site. You will however have to pay for the movement of the machine which can be carried out by our trained technicians.

Finding your customers / locations

For some people the idea of picking up the phone, arranging appointments with prospective customers and selling the idea may be daunting. As briefly explained in the previous paragraph, we can find your customers for you so all you have to do is maintain the sites. It is surprising how quickly your business can grow with this approach. Whilst we endeavour to provide you the best possible locations for your business, we cannot in any way guarantee the success of the location.

Maintaining your sites

Once your sites are up and running, you will be required to keep them stocked with products on a regular basis. At the same time you will cash the machine (all takings are yours). The machines are designed to be easily accessible, and Vending Solutions provides full training on the operating of your machines and advice on how to deal with your sites.

The Profits

On average, one machine makes a profit of around R 2000 to R 4000 per month that is a profit of + – R 48000  per year, per machine. You could comfortably maintain around 12 machines a month generating a gross profit of R 576 000 year. We already have customers making good profits and purchasing machines from us on a regular basis. Please note that this is still a part time business. Bear in mind that these figures are only an indication of potential financial viability and may not be achieved. Your management style and overall commitment are crucial to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

All people eat and drink foods of one description or another, and by providing vending equipment on site, you are giving your customers a convenient way to purchase leading brand products. The confectionery-vending sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the vending industry with an annual growth rate of 12%. This growth actually increased to 15% during the recession of the early 90’s.

There are two types of machines the one being a snack machine, which dispenses snacks only. The other a combination machine that dispenses both snacks and cold drinks. Please note the new equipment is capable of also dispensing water, Energade as well as similar types of plastic bottles and Tetra Packs.

Without good vending machine locations, your vending route cannot grow. Whilst we endeavour to assist you in finding the best possible locations for your business, we cannot in any way guarantee the success of the location.

The number of locations required depend on the number of machines you purchase.

Your sites should usually be set up close to your residence or work but again we impose no restrictions. You are encouraged to place your machines in Industrial and Trading Estates. Vending Solutions will do their best to assist you.

Products can be purchased directly from your local wholesalers i.e.: Makro Trade Centre or order directly from the manufacturers.

You will be trained on all mechanical aspects of the equipment, shown how to adjust the coin mechanisms and taught how to carry out routine service and repairs. We will also, where appropriate, give you advice on running your business, taking into account stock control, merchandising and product selection.

Initially a family type car or sedan would be suitable, but as your business grows and develops you will probably find it useful to acquire a small van. or trailer.

Because the only money you pay to us is for vending machines, your investment is 100% secured against your equipment. So, should you ever wish to stop trading, you can return your money by selling your vending machines or vending business. And, in most instances, you would make a profit from your sale. In addition we offer comprehensive warranties on all equipment new and refurbished. Bear in mind that these figures are only an indication of potential financial viability and may not be achieved. Your management style and overall commitment are crucial to success.

Contact the office and speak to one of our staff, we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements. If you prefer, we can arrange for one of our vending experts to visit you for an informal discussion, allowing us the opportunity to furnish you with all the details that you will need to make an informed decision for your future.

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