Filtered Water Coolers

There’s no substitute for a drink of crisp, cool water. It is important to stay hydrated. Providing staff with easy access to refreshing, filtered water is a proven way to increase productivity and boost morale.

Order the one that best suits your office and reduce your cost of bottled water.

The Legend is an attractive Free-Standing Water Cooler offers instant cold and hot (ambient) water and is ideal where water connections are not available.

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Weight 16 kg

An economical and effective POU cooler, dispensing safe, clean drinking water for the workplace without the hassle of bottles. Ideal for small offices and factories, the WL2000 uses direct chill point-of-dispense technology to cool water directly from the mains supply. Our carbon filtration system means it tastes beautiful too so quality and safety are guaranteed.

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Weight 24 kg
Rental (24 months)

R345 / month*

Rental (36 months)

R295 / month*