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• Go Cashless •

Go Cashless

Setup a cashless payment system with telemetry to make your life easier and increase sales

Nayax provides a combined solution (NayaxVend) for telemetry and cashless payments for vending machines. Use customised magnetic cards (employee cards), Credit cards, smart cards, prepaid cards or cellular phones.

The system runs credit validity checks online and authorises transactions within 2-4 seconds. The system includes a full telemetry system for real time management and control, based on cellular GPRS networks.

Monyx is a mobile app that lets you communicate directly with your consumers. Developed in-house, the app enables you, the operator, to market your business and nurture consumer loyalty. The Monyx app works with Nayax’s cashless vending system to let you communicate directly with your consumers. A user-friendly interface and wallet-free cashless vending system allows consumers to pick their payment choice and claim vouchers.

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