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• PPE Vending •

PPE Vending

PPE Industrial Vending machines significantly reduce the risk of unaccountable equipment which can save enormous costs while enabling employers to effectively demonstrate that they are meeting health and safety obligations to staff by providing easy access to personal protective.

The PPE vending machines can be stocked with a variety of personal protective equipment and other essential consumables to provide:

Vending Solutions machines are an ideal way to provide employees with access to important personal protection equipment (PPE), including safety vests, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, and first aid.

Vending Lockers

Vending large, heavy and fragile items is now possible with vending lockers!

Easily vend hard hats, knee guards, boots, face shields, protective clothing and various other items that can fit into the 251 x 336.5mm lockers.

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