Industrial Vending Machine (PPE)

Demonstrates organisational commitment to employee occupational health and safety. Helps your organisation to comply with workplace safety standards. Modern features and a sleek design. Many user friendly features. Comes with tracking software which monitors individual users as well as overall stock levels. Our models are built to last 10-15 years minimum. You can add your own custom print design or logo. 3-year vend motor Warranty.

Reduce your costs

One of the main reasons why companies choose to incorporate PPE and Industrial vending into their organisation is due to the machines ability to cut down on consumption and stolen goods in the work place. What we find is that in situations where PPE is a viable option, the initial outlay is recouped quite quickly.

Take a look at a recent case study which showcases how amazing our ppe vending solutions really are:

Recent customer of ours, a small mine with 1200+ staff, upon introduction, reduced PPE usage/consumption by 49% within three months…basically slashing this expense item in half!…and, at same time, improving staff compliance/accountability – as well as giving management real-time reporting.

Take a look at a recent case study which showcases how amazing our ppe vending solutions really are:

User: A user may be an employee, employer or contractor. Smart Card/Key Ring: A smart card that a user needs to operate and dispense the PPE / Industrial vending machine. These cards contain no monetary value, so losing one will not be a problem. The card will allow the tracking of items to their users to ensure that items are not stolen/misplaced.

The technology can also work with key-rings, as well as special stickers. These stickers can be placed on current swipe cards that staff may already have.
PPE / Industrial Machine: The famous Benleigh branded PPE vending machine. Essentially a system that allows users to dispense a safety item in the work place; safely and efficiently. The system contains many features discussed in our FAQ page.

Item: A safety equipment item that’s stored inside the vending machine. These items can consist of safety glasses, gloves, helmets, and many other items.


183cm x 106cm x 86cm (height x width x depth)



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