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Introducing Noria

Noria had a full time job but has sine given it up to dedicate herself full time to vending. “When I started, it was the other way around, I worked full time and had vending machines as a part time income stream but it has generated enough of an income now to allow me to resign and own my own time. I am a mom, a wife, a daughter in law and now I am studying accounting. Vending allows me to be in charge of my own time, it is the reason that I am able to do all of these things and still have the energy for my family as well as earn a living. What I have found with vending is that the more I put in, the more I get out. The more effort that I put in, the more I am able to reap the rewards.”

“The business opportunity that I have in personal protection equipment (PPE) Vending occurred when I was still full time employed. There was no one to dispense PPE equipment to night shift staff and records showed that most injuries occurred during night shift. I spoke to the company that I worked for and suggested a vending machine that could dispense PPE at the beginning of each shift, with the use of a staff card. It would assist with their safety rating and records, there would always be PPE available and the stock control would be automated. “Essentially the business still pays for the PPE, it is still free for staff, the company pay me for what is dispensed. With technology being what it is, I can get a report from the machine and use it to bill my client. The other bonus about this way of vending is that the same report will tell me what sold the most, and what I need to replenish stock wise in the machine.”

In Noria’s case, the staff have been issued with staff cards. Not only can the company be billed but it can also see which staff used more of which PPE item which is a great selling point when looking for a great site.

“When doing the research I found Vending Solutions came out tops and their PPE vending machine is by far the best quality I found available on the market. While in their showroom, I saw the other machines they have on offer and kept that at the back of my mind. They are friendly and patient, they have full technical back up which not all vending companies offer.” Noria arrived at Vending Solutions with money for one machine but wanted to start with more. “They allowed me to start with a rental agreement on my second machine to jumpstart me on my vending journey. They were incredible, they really met me half way. I was blown away”.

Noria also has a snack-and-can combination machine on which she has a cashless card payment option. It was while visiting a potential site that she asked, after her meeting, where she would be able to get something to drink and was told that the nearest place would be the nearest garage shop. There and then she offered to run a vending machine from their premises, recalling having seen combination machines at Vending Solutions and has not looked back since. She is at the point where she refills twice a day, such is the demand on that site. “It is my employee”says Noria laughing, “one that just keeps working 24 hours a day. It’s wonderful”.

The bonus of having cashless technology fitted to a combination machine is that she doesn’t have to drive around with stock of everything the machine may need on refill. She can access a report remotely and use it to pack up exactly what the machine needs. It makes for a more efficient and seamless system with which to run her and indeed any vending business.

“The world is awake 24 hours a day now“ says Noria. “This is a way to service that while still having a life.”

Has having a vending operation changed your life? “Definitely” say both Yvonne and Noria. Both feel that this experience has been a wonderful, positive way for them to empower themselves, to aim for a better life for both them and their families. “I would definitely recommend this to more women” says Noria. “I tell people about it all the time, I tell them to call Vending Solutions when they are ready, they are the right company to empower yourself with.”

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