What is the big deal about Vapes and Vape Vending machines?

The use of vapes or e-cigarettes, officially known as vaporizers, is one of the trendiest activities that young people engage in nowadays. The vape is basically a device that has the same purpose as a traditional cigarette, which is to allow users to inhale nicotine. However, the method of delivery is quite different. It comes in different designs, shapes, and sizes. The device contains a liquid and heats it up, turning it into vapor, which the user can inhale through the mouthpiece.

In the last decade, a large portion of the cigarette-smoking population has made the switch from regular cigarettes to vapes. Health is the main reason for this shift. While vaping is not necessarily a healthy habit per se, vapes do contain a lot less contaminants than those found in cigarettes. Some do not even contain nicotine. It also produces vapor instead of smoke, making it a better alternative for the environment. Interestingly, vaping is particularly effective for quitting smoking completely. If one gets advice from a local service which assists in giving up cigarettes, they will advise on the right device and nicotine strength to use as well as how to use the vape in the stop smoking journey, according to the UK’s NHS. Sweden is set to drop below a 5% tobacco smoking prevalence rate in the next few months. Experts call on Ramaphosa to adopt Sweden’s anti-smoking pass at Presidential Health Summit.

Another reason why vapes are so popular is because the liquids come in a large variety of flavors and scents. These days, you can find a vape liquid in practically any kind of flavor that you can think of. The variety makes the experience so much more exciting and pleasurable. With our customisable vape vending machine, you can sell as many varieties as you want, giving your customers the multitude of choices that they deserve.

Get in on the action ahead of the game – vape vending machines are doing incredibly well. Based on current popularity and high demand, it’s not difficult to surmise that setting up a vapes vending machine at your establishment will likely be good for your business. Here are some of the most notable benefits that you stand to gain by taking advantage of this market trend.

Vapes are so popular that they will essentially sell themselves. You don’t need to do much advertising, if at all. We guarantee that once you have set up the machine, the customers will soon be lining up to make a purchase. At Vending Solutions we will put you in touch with reputable vape wholesalers for you to stock in your vape vending machine. It is important to note that a vape business owner needs to ensure that they sell quality vape liquid from a reputable source to protect the health of their clients.

Where is the best place for my vape vending machine?

The best places to install a vape vending machine would be those locations that people frequent a lot such as a bars, nightclubs, casino’s, or hotel’s can be highly profitable. Places that get plenty of pedestrian traffic and where one would find a more traditional cigarette machine would also be highly recommended. Before you put up a vape vending machine, however, you have to check if vaping is allowed in the area. Even though it is not the same as smoking, there are still some places that prohibit vaping in public areas.

If you are interested in putting up a vape vending machine for your establishment, just get in touch with us at Vending Solutions. We are proud to be the provider of the best vending machine equipment in South Africa It would be very hard to find another company that can give you world-class services and the most advanced machines at a very affordable cost. Call us now and let’s get your vape vending machine business going!

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