Nayax Cashless Vending System

Technology provides convenience

Nayax provides a combined solution (NayaxVend) for telemetry and cashless payments for vending machines.

The system allows cashless payments by:

  • Credit cards
  • Smart cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Customized magnetic cards (employee cads)
  • Cellular phones

The system runs credit validity checks online and authorises transactions within 2-4 seconds. The system includes a full telemetry system for real time management and control, based on cellular GPRS networks.



Innovative card reader & telemetry device
Featuring NFC payments & QR codes

This sleek contactless card reader can fit on any small machine and gives your consumer a convenient cashless payment experience. While consumers complete transactions quickly, operators access a world of operational benefits and insights, notably increased sales.

The Onyx is more than a card reader: It’s a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC and QR payments, telemetry, marketing tools and remote machine management.


An app for paying at unattended machines

Monyx Wallet enables Nayax operators to introduce consumer engagement into their operations. With cashless payments, you futureproof your business and offer convenience to the customer with the option to pay with an app. Monyx Wallet’s digital loyalty programs help you increase engagement with a variety of consumer rewards. Marketing campaigns like punch cards or employee discounts are easy to track and help you convert one-time consumers into regular customers, boosting your sales.


The telemetry capability provides information such as:

  • Machine status and malfunction
  • Financial transactions (cash and cashless)
  • Inventory level

The information is stored and analyzed on a central server.

The system is capable of:

  • Managing financial transactions
  • Payment by cellular phones
  • Usage of prepaid cards (and upload them on the internet)
  • Full service for secured cashless payment clearing
  • Link to credit card clearing and billing companies
  • Remote management of the machines
  • Online transaction management for service purposes
  • Fully secured operation

Nayax Cashless Vending System

Nayaxvend VPOS universally certified solution designed to provide vending machine operators with financial services. Read more (PDF)

Nayax Cashless Vending SystemAMIT 3.0 M2M·Solution for Cashless & Telemetry Smartphone size, ARM technology, quick and genius installation. Read more (PDF)

Nayax Cashless Vending SystemStay on top of machine inventories using the latest tracking technology. This lowers costs by optimizing inventory levels & distribution. Read more

Grow your business and increase consumer satisfaction by enabling cashless payments in a quick, secure and convenient manner. The Nayaxvend solution is compatible with all forms of credit, debit, prepaid and postpaid cards in the form of contact, swipe and contactless. Read more...

Nayax Cashless Vending System

Nayax MoMa app for vending cuts costs and increases efficiency.