Palma HZ70 Combination

Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine

The Palma+ series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options. Another outstanding feature is its large glass front that acts like an attractive shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases.


Trays 5 Trays
Selections 2 Cold drink Trays (6 Sections per tray | 5 units per section | Total of 60 Cold drinks) / 2 Chips Trays (3 Sections per tray | 10 units per section | Total of 60 packets of chips) / 1 Confectionary Tray (6 Sections per tray | 14 units per section | Total of 84 units)
Pre-Selections Alphanumeric Keypad
Payment System Coin Mech and Note Reader / Cashless Systems (Key) 
Dimensions Height – 183cm, width – 72.3cm, depth – 84.0cm, weight – 250kg