Vending Machine

hygiene S2 MULTIVEND

Bathroom Vending Machine

This innovative vending machine has proved to be highly successful in both its traditional washroom application and countless others, such as vending tights, sun cream, and perfume. The S2 machine can be supplied in ABS plastic (white), stainless steel, or mild steel, and is designed to vend small boxes. The mild steel machine is finished with a white powder coating, further broadening its visual appeal and also its suitability for locations demanding robust machines. S2 machines are available in a number of different materials (i.e. plastic, steel or stainless steel) to meet both aesthetic and security requirements. Plastic models have the disadvantage of not being as secure as their steel counterparts. Therefore, Intelligent Vending Ltd would usually suggest either a steel or stainless steel model. Often used by hotels, restaurants, night-clubs and offices, the stainless steel machine is particularly attractive; offering the most sophisticated look, while also being the most robust in the range. This is a battery operated machine and runs from a sealed battery pack (lasts approx 2000 vends).


  • Up to 9 product selections
  • Secure electronic operation
  • Easy price, coin and product change
  • No mains wiring – long life battery power
  • Accepts up to 12 different coins (no change given)
  • Automatic coin return
  • Out of stock indicator
  • Machine Dimensions – W 360mm H 1000cm D 230mm
  • Machine Weight – Plastic Models 13.5kg – Steel Models 22kg