Terra Nerva – Instant Coffee Machine

Coffee Vending Machine using instant products acquired from wholesalers

Terra Nerva Instant Coffee Machine

The Terra Nerva instant coffee machine offers users the most affordable and easiest way to prepare a cuppuccino.  The machine is designed with four removable instant product cansiters.  These cansiters are filled with your choice of consumables, acquired from any outlet.  Most customers prefer to stock the machine with an instant coffee, freeze dried milk powder,sugar and hot chocolate.  These ingredients can make a combination of 10 different coffee based drinks. 

The Terra Nerva instant coffee machine is a robust piece of equipment and easy to maintain and service. 

  • European design meets Style, Safety & Hygiene
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • 4 x instant product canisters
  • Offers complete control over consumable consumption
  • Can be used with pump and 25l drum, or be connected to a water source
  • Designed to withstand wide range of voltage fluctuations
  • Unique patented design mixing system
  • Low downtime
  • Use of flow controls for enhanced consistency of taste
  • Unique easy to open hot water tank design for cleaning and de-scaling
  • Food grade material used in food circuit as per FDA standards

Terra NervaTerra Nerva Terra NervaTerra Nerva Terra NervaTerra Nerva


Indicator Double line display, Yellow – Green
Heater Rating 2 KW
Power Consumption 2.1 KW max. / 1 unit per day max
Interface Keypad, direct select / scroll
Initial Start up time 7 minutes
Water Connection Online / Bubble top / Pump
Product Containers 4 · Number of Mixers: 3 / 4
Cup Volume 90 ml
Beverage Dispensing Rate 5 cups / min.
Beverage Varients 8 options settable
Hot Water Yes
Boiler Capacity 1.75 litres
Containers Capacity 1.7 litres
Product & Temperature Setting On board with password protection.
Dimensions Height – 63.2cm, width – 30cm, depth – 47.3cm
weight – 19.4kgs