Saeco Phedra Evo

Bean-to-cup coffee machine with fresh milk

Saeco Phedra Evo - Cappuccino Vending Machine

Saeco Phedra Evo Coffee Machine Video


LED lighting illuminates your coffee during preparation



Saeco Phedra Evo Coffee Machine

The Saeco Phedra Evo, a versatile and functional semi-automatic table-top coffee vending machine, is ideal for all the places with an average flow of visitors, thanks to its minimal footprint and simple installation.

The new design of the Saeco Phedra Evo coffee machine was developed to make your coffee-breaks even more pleasurable. The care for details that characterises the Saeco products is displayed here by the elegance of lines and colours, the innovative functions and the noiselessness of the machine components.

The choice of beverage is made even easier by the capacitive interface with touch buttons, with easily understood icons and a wide 3.5“ colour display.  The clear and clean style of the flat interface allows a simple and immediate reading of the options, while the S for Saeco in the grill drip tray adds a further touch of distinction.

Regardless of its small size Phedra Evo offers all coffee- and milk-based beverages, with powdered or fresh milk, as well as chocolate, sugar and hot water to prepare tea or herbal teas, and can therefore satisfy all requests. 



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Coffee bean container 1 x 1kg
Instant product container 2 - 3
Fresh milk option Yes
Coffee grinds container 50
Interface 3.5‘‘ colour TFT display
Number of selections 8
Number of pre-selections 2
Hot water Yes
Brewing unit 7 or 9 g
Coffee boiler capacity 300 cc
Steam boiler Yes
Water supply In-line
Dimensions Height – 69.5cm, width – 39.3cm, depth – 50.8cm, weight – 37.5kg