Location Services

A vital part of a successful vending business

Without good vending machine locations, your vending route cannot grow.

Vending machines are the proverbial money making machines. The secret is to find a good location and fielding enough units to make it worth your while. Most people are very content with the income of 10 – 15 machines working for their money. This seems to be the ticket to financial freedom for many retirees or individuals who want to supplement their existing income or jobs. Despite all the challenges, cold calling to find a location does work and is essentially a numbers game. 

This may not appeal to everyone because the frequent rejection often demoralises people. Our experienced location scouts provide this serviceand secure an agreement that protects you for up to 36 months. Vending Solutions assists you with approaching locations and provides you with an agreement which protects you for up 36 months.

Please note: Whilst we endeavour to assist you in finding the best possible locations for your business, we cannot in any way guarantee the success of the location. Nor do we in any way whatsoever warrant the income to be generated by the vending machine on any locations provided by ourselves.

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