Azkoyen Zen Bean to Cup

Small, attractive and surprisingly autonomous

Zen may be small but it is incredibly productive for operators and attractive to consumers.

This range was designed to assist vending service operations, providing maximum autonomy of service with great reliability and durability, reducing management costs.

To consumers, it is a miniature café where they can enjoy an authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds, thanks to the Customixer function.

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WMF 1200s
WMF 1200s


Number of soluble canisters 5
Boiler Type Pressure
Boiler Capacity (volume) 315 CC
Cup capacity (70mm/73mm/80mm) 320
Selections 8
Pre-selections 4
Sensors and filters
  • Water temperature control
  • Water level control
  • Optional cup detector
Product capacity
  • 0,8Kg Soluble coffee
  • 2,2Kg Soluble milk
  • 2,2Kg Chocolate
  • 1,00Kg Soluble tea
  • 2,6Kg Sugar
Dimensions (w x h x d) 480 x 775 x 590 mm
Weight 60 kg