Azkoyen Novara Bean to Cup

Azkoyen Novara Bean to Cup

Novara, the new age

The Novara is designed to create pleasant, appealing environments that inspire new ideas whilst enjoying the finest espresso coffee.

The front highlights the range’s advanced design and appeal.

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WMF 1200s


Number of soluble canisters 5
Boiler Type Pressure
Boiler Capacity (volume) 700 CC
Cup capacity (70mm/73mm/80mm) 700
Selections 15
Pre-selections 7
Grinders 1 (M03 Horeca Performance)
Sensors and filters
  • Automatic cup detection
  • Electronic water temperature control
  • Electronic water level control
  • Brita limescale filter
Product capacity
  • 4.2Kg Whole bean coffee
  • 1.5Kg Soluble coffee
  • 2.2Kg Soluble milk
  • 3.1Kg Chocolate
  • 3.9Kg Soluble tea
  • 5.3Kg Sugar
Connectivity and Communications
  • USB Connectivity
  • EXE/MDB Protoccol
  • EVA/DTS communication module
Dimensions (w x h x d) 600 x 1830 x 650 mm
Weight 180 kg