Sustainable Approach

Thoughtful of our shared environment

Sustainable ApproachAt Vending Solutions we take a sustainable approach to business, and strive to constantly improve on what we offer our employees, our clients and our environment as a whole. To this end, we have made a commitment to:


Sustainable ApproachRespect our environment. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, handling our waste efficiently and increasing our ecological product offering.

Sustainable ApproachSupport our community. We are fully supportive of community initiatives, and activities undertaken by our supply chain.

Sustainable ApproachOffer quality and choice. Together with our partners and suppliers, we are focused on offering a wide range of quality products, including healthy and certified alternatives.

Sustainable ApproachProvide a safe and enjoyable workplace. We are committed to constantly improving our health and safety guidelines, creating an environment in which our employees work because they love to, not because they have to.